No stop

Today has been a complicating day for me.. Many things in my mind, about my illustrations, works.. I don't know. Well I suppose all people/artist/illustrator..etc feel like this rower sometimes. 
Have a wonderful day

Wombat channel

...You can follow their behavior 24 hours!  

Release it!

Together they can... and what do you want? ;)

The FishCat!

I didn't know what to do, but I asked a friend, and he said me: A fish-cat! ...and well, this is my fishcat haha 

Illustration Friday, topic: Packed

Well, I think..this illustration can represent the topic "packed". It's a secondhand shop.
I hope you like it! :) 

Please, feel free to comment!

Sport Life

I must go out!

Rufus W.

Rufus Wainwright
En concierto en unos dias, y no podré ir,
.. otra vez será! ;)

Back to Uni

My last free week...  29 Sept's coming..


This is the main character of a tale (written by myself! :P) 
Its name is Lucos and It's a bat..

*I'm reading ...

This illustration is about
"The little match-seller".

I'm reading "The Complete Fairy Tales" by Hans Christian Andersen.. It's so inspiring!


A new project

18 Sept

Mis pintas, si.  Creo que ya mismo empezarán a salirme agujetas de bajar a coger el telefono...
Dije adiós a Dickens y llega Andersen con sus cuentos completos (más extras...). 

Charles Dickens

Byebye David Copperfield...
Más que un libro, un amigo con el que he compartido días de mis vacaciones.

My studio

This is my site for work..well, artwork :P

Serie: Oxford

Una pequeña muestra de algunas ilustraciones inspiradas en mis 3 great weeks in Ox4..