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It has been a long time since I published here!
This blog is so special for me because I did my first steps in Illustration world.
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Hurry (IF topic)

It is not in a hurry! The Queen is not worried about its head, it is her Diamond Jubilee!

Gossip Elf (IF topic: Mail)

... Sometimes there is a gossip elf reading the Santa's Mail .. I know! It's not very nice. It's better that you don't tell it to anyone! ;)

Thank You, Johnny Depp

Isle of Skye, watercolours

These watercolours are part of a wonderful travel that you can read here


This is an illustration dedicated to a new fantastic site born in Bloggerland ;)
You will find great travel tales, the name is Heartpacker!
Enjoy it! :)
English version by google


Watercolors and ink

Villa Borghese. Roma

Tempio di Esculapio

Ivory Tower

"Don't you know anything about Fantasia? It's the world of human fantasy. Every part, every creature of it, is a piece of the dreams and hopes of mankind. Therefore, it has no boundaries."

from The Neverending Story


Serie: "The Neverending Story". Ink.

The King of Pop

"To die will be an awfully big adventure" Peter Pan

Seville: Glorieta de Becquer

The ivory Glorieta de Becquer statue honouring Sevillian poet Gustavo Aldolfo Becquer

Illustration Friday: Drifting

Illustration from my tale: Las Islas Errantes (The Wandering Islands)

Galerie publique

Acrylic and ink. 146x130 cm.
Soon it will be in an exhibit at the faculty of Fine Arts, Seville.

The Ice Maiden

Based on the tale written by Hans C. Andersen.


Acrylic. 146x114 cm