Lewis Carrol - Oscar Wilde - Charles Dickens

Illustration Friday: Late

When I read the topic.. I thought about how important can be punctuality.. Well, It's sad, but I wanted to express its importance. (and a string is here again haha)
And I've not seen "Titanic" rencently :P

I hope you like it! ..feel free to comment please!

Happy Birthday Oscar!

Yeeh! :)  Happy 154º birthday! haha
And today I'm going to read my new book by O. Wilde..
"The critic as artist".

Magdalen C, Oxf.

This is me in Magdalen College, Oxford. It's a beautiful place! :)

11 Oct

My first painting of 4º course! It's based on a photo taken in Oxford this last summer, Radcliffe camera.
Acrylic. 146 x 114 cm

Illustration Friday: "Sugary" death

"...and then threw herself from the ship into the sea, and thought her body was dissolving into foam."

This is based on "The little Mermaid" by Hans C. Andersen.
I think ..it's a beautiful death, and for the colors.. it can be "sugary"..
I hope you like it!

Oscar sketchs